Preparation and submission of abstracts
  • Prepare your abstract in Microsoft Word.
  • Use the presenter's last name as the document file name for your abstract.
  • Abstract title should appear in BOLD, ALL CAPITAL LETTERS, in 12-point Times New Roman Font.Remaining text should appear in 11-point Times New Roman Font.
  • Please list the authors and affiliations directly under the title, separated by one empty line, and followed on additional lines as necessary. Underline the name of the presenting author.
  • Separate the authors/affiliations and beginning of the abstract narrative by one empty line.
  • For each author give the forename followed by the surname.
  • Indicate each author's affiliation with a superscript numeral following the surname.
  • Abstract should not exceed 1 page 1.5-spaced in 11-point Times New Roman.
  • Abstract narrative must be clear and concise, and checked for correctness of spelling and grammar in advance of submission.
  • Each submitted abstract should only have one presenting author.

Click HERE to download a sample abstract document (in Microsoft Word), which can be used for formatting purposes.

Abstract submission requires registration. Proceed to HERE for more detail.


For questions regarding abstract submission, please contact:

Ms. Zhang Meidong

    Tel: (86-27) 87280016

    Fax: (86-27) 87280016